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Daniela and Michelle both love DōTERRA Oils! We use them in many areas of our lives.  Daniela’s favourite oil is Easy Air which is a breathing blend which she uses to diffuse when anyone in the house gets sick, especially in the kids bedrooms to help them breath easier through those cough and flu filled nights.  Her two boys also love ‘lavender peace’ which is nicknamed ‘magic fairy dust’ and makes everything better (ie, ouchies & tantrums!) A few drops of this in the nightly bath helps to calm everyone down too and gets the boys ready for bedtime too.

Michelle, well she’s a little hooked on these oils.  Frankincense has become her absolute favourite smell ever, so she uses a diluted ‘Franki’ bottle on pretty much anything and everything.  Her 4 year old gets croupe through these cold winter nights so she diffuses peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon which helps symptoms dramatically!  Clary calm is rubbed all over her abdomen for the week before shark week, and during, to help ease stomach cramps and mood swings.  Peace has become her perfume in the hope that she will smell nice and be calmer at the same time, yes surprise surprise this chef has a temper at times, no Gordon Ramsay but lets just say she checked the inventory for any oil that was ‘calming’ and bought them all!

Then there’s cooking! Peppermint oil for the after dinner mint slice in our first book Getting Started, lemon or orange oil in custard, just a few drops goes a long way! Oregano oil occasionally in cooking but Michelle also takes this internally as its great for inner health and combating chefs, I mean athletes foot 🙂 And after all that cooking, running the dishwasher on a hot cycle with 2 cups white vinegar and 10 drops lemongrass in a dishwasher safe container on the top shelf for a super bright, budget and environmentally friendly clean!

We don’t have a separate page about oils, we feel there’s so many great resources out there already and we don’t share oily info in our group as that’s just not this groups agenda, however we do have a wholesale account and you can sign up for a wholesale account to get the discounted prices for yourself, or to become a wellness advocate and share the love with others.

Follow this link or just email us directly at and we can help you get your account set up so you can get your hands on some of these fantastic oils.

Oh and our other favourite thing we use these oils for now is they are great for gifting to your loved ones for birthdays, special occasions or just to say you care.  We love making blends of our favourite smells diluted with fractionated coconut oil and popped into a roller bottle to pass on to friends when they are going through a rough patch or to make as part of the kids bedtime routine.  Chefs kids come running when she calls ‘oil time!’ and its the 2 year olds job to roll the oil onto both the kids feet while the 4 year old giggles from the tickles and the 2 year old giggles while he oils up his own feet.  Very cute 🙂

Get oily today;

1)  Go to;

2)  Click on ‘Join and Save’ at the top of the page.

3)  Select your preferred language and ‘Australia’ as your shipping destination (or whichever country you reside in).

4)  Select ‘Wholesale Prices’ (or ‘Wellness Advocate’).

5)  Complete the ‘About You’.  Your ‘Sponsor ID’ (Thermofoodieandthechef) should already be auto-filled but if not, the correct ID number is 4056321.

6)  Choose your Enrolment Kit.  Alternatively, you can select the $35 enrolment fee and individually choose which oils you would like to order, however the kits are by far the best value as they are further discounted below wholesale prices and membership is FREE.

7)  Set up your Loyalty Rewards Order (optional) this is an auto shipping monthly order, it can be changed each month but helps earn you points to buy more oil!.

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