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How to fix seized chocolate and coconut butter


Prep Time
Cook Time


Part 1 – seized chocolate (scroll for part 2, coconut butter wont go smooth!)

Hey guys,

If your after dinner mint slice chocolate seizes, add 2 Tbs boiling water from the kettle and mix 1 minute / speed 4 / mc on

Pour onto baking paper so its thin, and chill until hard in the freezer

Then add back to the bowl and re-melt 1 minute / 37 degrees / speed 2

It should now be ready to use!

Another option is add 1 Tbs of pure cream and blend, I havent tried this method but I’ve read it works great! I wanted to give you a dairy free option though 🙂


if it looks like this its seized

After setting, not seized but has separated

Finished product


Part 2 – my coconut butter wont turn to butter

So this recipe is a two in one problem maker! For some people it works beautifully, and for others they get problems on both layers! I was just thinking about this issue where some people blend and blend and their coconut never turns to butter.  I found this site which has a few great tips, one of which is dont use desiccated coconut! Ive always used mackenzies and never had as issue but perhaps this is where the problems lay, so my tip is this, please accept by apology for publishing ‘desiccated coconut’, and head out and buy some shredded or flakes and try again.  Trust me its worth another go!

Love chef x

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